About Us

About Us

CloudStrike Ventures is a private equity firm. We buy, build, and monetize online communities.

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Our Team and How We Work

CloudStrike Ventures is a company spread out all over the world. Our head office is located in Toronto, Canada, but, our people are free to live and work wherever they want. 

Working remotely is at the heart of who we are, and our company’s very foundation.
CloudStrike Ventures is a web-based private equity firm. We buy, build, and monetize online communities.

Our team is comprised of designers, programmers, SEO and SEM experts, content creators, developers, and everything in between. We are an online company, and as such, we believe that you don’t need a physical office to be outstanding.

Our goal is to hire the best people from anywhere in the world.

We celebrate diversity. It’s part of the very foundation of who we are.
We look to acquire amazing web businesses and then build and curate a community of readers.


Our Leadership Team

Jeff Wiener

CEO and Managing Director

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who has built, bought, and sold multiple businesses over his 30-year business career.

Jeff leads the team at CloudStrike Ventures, manages the company vision and direction, and brings his entrepreneurial spirit into everything he does, not only in dealing with clients, but, also in dealing with the team, and potential acquisition targets.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys tennis, waterskiing, reading, and spending time with his family. You can get more info on Jeff here.

Monica Serreon

Operations Manager

Monica is a poet, storyteller and a digital marketing enthusiast.  Her background as a former TV show producer gave her opportunities to be exposed and be knowledgeable on a broad range of niches in writing. It honed her people management skills as well.

She is responsible for Cloudstrike Ventures’ effective and successful management of labor, productivity, and business processes.

When not in front of a laptop, Monica loves to play with her dogs, read books, watch anime, and write in her journal.

Vaughn Vincent Torralba

SEO Manager

Vaughn is CloudStrike’s manager of SEO. He brings his can-do attitude, creative skills, and resourcefulness to the role which helps as he digs into helping keep CloudStrike’s brands at the top of the search engines.

Vaughn brings his years of experience managing SEO projects for brands all over the world.

When Vaughn is not in front of his computer, he enjoys spending time with his family, in particular, his young son.

Susan Miller

Content Creator, Writer
Susan delights in all things content-related, and more specifically, health and wellness. Susan manages all content writing, and development at CloudStrike Ventures.

When Susan started working at CloudStrike Ventures, she was just setting out to help people make their lives easier.

Susan is also an accomplished bike enthusiast, she loves to travel the world on a bike with her husband Nathan.

Cecily Jansen

Content Developer, Writer

Cecily is responsible for writing, editing, and developing online content for Cloudstrike’s brands. She is efficient, thorough, and can speak to diverse audiences through her work.

Before joining the team at Cloudstrike Ventures, Cecily worked as a copywriter, content manager, and editor for brands across multiple industries.

In her free time, Cecily loves to hike, study web development, and play all kinds of sports. Most importantly, she loves spending time with her friends and family.

Meg Rivera

 Client Success Manager

Meg brings her creativity and social skills to the team as she develops CloudStrike’s content on social media affiliations.

Her innate passion for learning and incorporating social trends and years of experience as a writer, material developer, and trainer for customer service specialists in the BPO industry contribute to her role as Cloudstrike’s content creator and client manager.

Outside work, Meg gets her inspiration by exploring new places, spending quality time with her family and friends, listening to podcasts while enjoying strawberry au lait from her favorite cafe.

John Munez

Web Developer

John focuses on web and internet technologies. He is our go-to-guy for website development, website integrations, and live site deployment.

John has been working as a web developer, system analyst, and project coordinator for offshore and onshore companies worldwide.

He also loves to spend his time building his toy collection and watching Big Bang Theory for the nth time. When outdoors, John enjoys diving and hiking too.


Rene Parungao

Editorial Manager

With years of experience in the BPO and e-commerce industry, Rene has honed his skills in customer service and communication management.

His versatility, passion for dealing with clients from various backgrounds, as well as his knack for writing are what make him Cloudstrike’s dependable editorial manager.

Rene loves to learn various courses especially on facets of research and copywriting. Outside work hours, Rene spends his time bonding with his children and enjoying nature.

Syed Asad

Content Developer, Writer

Asad is a professional content writer, copywriter, and digital marketing enthusiast. 

He loves to inform and transform through the power of a keystroke. His excellent research skills enable him to write in multiple niches, from real estate to pets, parenting, sports, health & fitness, technology, and finance, etc.

When not scribbling words on his computer, you will find Asad hiding in a corner reading poetry.

Francis Alcantara

Social Media and General Associate

Frances loves to explore different trends and always brings her lively personality to learning from new adventures. These qualities are her assets in becoming CloudStrike Ventures’ social media and general associate.

With her creativity and determination to become an expert in the digital field, Frances played her roles well in the BPO and online teaching industry. Her experiences in these affiliations strengthened her skills in creating and curating content for social media platforms and blog sites.

Frances considers herself a certified media geek as she loves to watch and read a lot during her leisure time. She also considers being with herself, her family, and best friends as her greatest priorities.

Atif Munawar

Content Developer, Writer

Atif is a professional content writer with expertise of over a decade now. He specializes in creating engaging content and SEO.

Having worked with teams from all around the world, Atif’s communication skills and work ethics are second to none. He has produced a great deal of informative and top-rank content across our sites.

Whenever he’s not scribbling with words, you can find Atif playing badminton, smoking sheesha, or watching his favorite shows on Netflix.